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What is iRescue?

iRescue is a smart phone app that will help find people after a natural disaster or in a variety of emergency situations. iRescue turns your friends, family and neighbors into first responders by connecting those who need help with people who are capable of providing assistance.


Who are the Rockin Robots?

The Rockin’ Robots are a Lego Robotics team from Oregon with six boys, grades 3rd-6th. The iRescue app idea was generated for our 2013 FIRST® Lego League competition. iRescue is our real world solution for to the challenge Nature’s Fury, regarding Natural Disasters..


Why is iRescue important?

Our research has shown iRescue will fill an existing gap in first responders’ search and rescue technology. It allows anyone to be a hero when someone nearby is in need of help.

How do I help?

We need your help to finance our development costs. Go to our project page on Kickstarter to see some great rewards and find out how you can help.