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Endorsements and Testimonials

Canby telecom

Canby Telecom

“You know, this is such an innovative idea, you might consider E-mailing a description of the kids’ app to shows like Good Morning America or Letterman, etc. along with a detailed description of the app. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the kids’ idea garner quite a bit of positive interest from the media. It’s a really innovative idea!

~ Brandon Zupancic,

IT Manager

canby tele

Oregon State Police Foundation

Oregon State Police Foundation

“Amazing! Exciting! Incredibly original! I am still awed by the presentation these impressive young boys made to demonstrate their iRescue app. Their vision has real merit to help save lives and aid first responders’ efforts. It is a joy to see youngsters channel their talents and fertile minds in to worthwhile projects such as this; and I predict that this monumental achievement is only one in a long string of successes for the Rockin’ Robots.

~Mr. Gerry Frank,

Chairman of the Board


Oregon State Fire Chief’s Association

Oregon State Fire Chief’s Association

“I’ve seen a lot during my careet, but I must say seeing the boys’ presentation and then talking with them about their concept has been a highlight. The iRescue app is an obvious contribution to our current methods of search and rescue.”

~ Ted Kunze,



“…it is going to be one of the best safety innovations since the telephone.”

~ Jerry Freeman,